Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Benefits of Empowering Girls

The Benefits of Empowering Girls

Women in Business:

One in every 11 adult women in the U.S. owns a business. Female entrepreneurship has been growing at twice the national average since 1997.
Women-owned businesses generate $1.5 trillion in sales and employ 9.2 million people.

Women earn more than half of all bachelor’s degrees.

Women-owned firms in the U.S. are more likely than all firms to offer flex-time, tuition reimbursement, and profit sharing to their employees.

Women dominate the social service fields as teachers, social workers and healthcare workers

Women in Philanthropy:

Women business owners are giving of their time, talent and treasure: 7 in 10 volunteer at least once per month; 31% contribute $5,000 or more to charity annually; and 15% give $10,000 or more.

Women are more likely to serve in volunteer leadership positions than men.

Women are more likely to give to third world countries than men

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November 2009

Katrina Green
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"It is the mission of Butterfly Ministries, Inc. to empower and inspire positive transformation in girls and young women by encouraging them to take a stand against gender exploitation and to give rise to a historic revolution."

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  1. Wow I really like this post. Very good information. At times I feel like this is a Mans world... but it's good to know that there are Women out there who are empowered and inspired. I love what you do, PLEASE NEVER STOP EMPOWERING US WOMEN! You are wonderful!