Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Have you ever been in a place, a place so dark that you get lost in your own state of mind?

A state of disillusion, utter confusion, on the verge of insanity from anger stirring inside.

The devil whispers lies in my ear...
feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and pain consume my spirit,

God is calling me to look in His direction but I'm so caught up in my sorrow, that I can't even hear it.

Dwelling on betrayal of broken dreams and empty promises as time passes slowly...minute by minute, hour by hour...

Suffering moments of desperation which bring on moments of inspiration that finally has me reaching for my higher power.

I plead to God...

"Father, please help me understand... I given and sacrificed so much only for my heart to again and again, be broken,

How much more do I have to sew before reaping the harvest that your word has promised and spoken?"

I feel a quiet force swell within me, losing control, a feeling of complete submission,

a reminder of the scripture of Proverbs 10:12 calms me ...."Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all transgressions."

The Lords speaks...

"My child, Be still, I have plans for you, you are a testimony in the making,

but you can't become who I want you to be without FIRST being shaken.

You see I am creating, shaping, molding you into a woman of great virtue,

but you must fully TRUST in ME and know that I will never abandon or forsake you.

You must let it all go and FORGIVE, as it all has worked in accordance to MY divine plan,

for you too have many times fallen short, sins are in the nature of man."

I wipe away my tears, tell my father "Thank you" and finally close my eyes...

I wake up feeling refreshed with an inner peace, knowing that the LORD is by my side... a new feeling of freedom, a new creation...a Butterfly.

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September 2009

Katrina Green
Butterfly Ministries, Inc.

"It is the mission of Butterfly Ministries, Inc. to empower and inspire positive transformation in girls and young women by encouraging them to take a stand against gender exploitation and to give rise to a historic revolution."

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"Strength and honor was her clothing" Proverbs 31:25

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