Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Satan - The King of all Lies

Have you ever really felt the presence of Satan?

As a child, I remember seeing Satan as a little red man with horns carrying a pitch fork. I remember watching cartoons and when a character was faced with a tough decision, there was always the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. When I became a Christian, I discovered exactly who Satan was and what he was after. I discovered him because he discovered me. He discovered me because I discovered Christ.

Back in the day I was no threat to him because the odds against me were in his corner but as I overcame and then gave my life to God, I tricked him. When I called God into my life, I didn’t realize that I had also called Satan. God is the leader and creator, Satan is follower and imitator. He follows God and attempts to manipulate the truth by turning them into lies.

He wanted to know who I was. He wondered, “Who does she think she is?” and he wanted to find out exactly what he could dig up and strike my most vulnerable spots as well as where I was the most insecure.

It’s a very hard feeling to describe but the best way I can is that it is as if you feel like you are being watched and studied by a dark force. Not only in a physical sense but in mind and in spirit as though my thoughts and feelings are being studied. It was evident that it was a dark force because I felt violated and threatened. I sometimes felt like my fears and memories were being downloaded like a hacker stealing my identity so that it could be used against me.

I decided that since Satan was getting into my mind, I would attempt to get into his. So I wrote the poem below thinking that two can play at this game. After writing it, it made since as to who Satan really is. Don't fret, God promises to protect us from all dark forces. God is the only one that can take on the enemy. So although, I know I'm being studied, God loves me and has my back!

"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord" Romans 8:38

Warning: I encountered demonic dreams for a few days after writing this. I had to really focus on light before entering a dark place of deep thought.

Satan – The King of All Lies

From the beginning of time, I watched you, followed you and studied you.
When you were frightened of that monster under the bed, whispering horrific sounds into your ear?

The bully at school who would tell you all of the things that I wanted you to hear?

Yes, that was me…

introducing you to the spirit of fear.
luring you into a manic depressive state,
Of sorrow, anger and self-hate.
You see there's an art of seduction,
Of grooming, preparation and persuasion,
A slow downward spiral, a festering infection,
Until you to fall into a dark pit of depression
Despair and hopelessness with no direction,
until you succumb to a portal of self decay and addiction.

I am the master of deception.

Look around…
I am in the television you watch, the music that you listen to, the books that you read.
You can run but you can’t hide, or resist the ride
on my carousel of society’s captivity.
Then right when you take a vow of marriage; a covenant of fidelity,

I will strike you with a sin so hot it will set you on fire,
with the sin of aching desire…
inviting and enticing you,
disguising myself with beauty that is pleasing to the eye and pleasure to the touch,
conquering and dominating you with an insatiable appetite of lust,
consuming everything you love and destroying the foundation of trust.

The root of all evil,
corrupting the most noble of men,
Is the love of power and money, the most common of sin.
A temptation so strong with all of all of the trouble it brings…
A magnetic pull of overindulgence on material things.
Under my control, like a puppet on a string.

To keep you the far from God’s grasp,
is vanity and pride,
Humility doesn’t reside with these lingering inside.
They consume your spirit with selfish ambition;
Your goal is a high ranking status of authority and position.
Only giving to feel important or to gain recognition.
You judge others by their faults, but fail to look within.

The most powerful weapon is to convince you that the truth is a lie,
That God doesn’t exist, so when He makes His presence known,
you turn a blind eye.
You refuse to comply and continue to defy,
Your creator and His word and deny the body of Christ,
although to save your very soul,
was the reason why,
that He sacrificed
His only begotten son so that you would have everlasting life.

Who am I?
I have many names that I go by,
Lucifer, Satan, the Devil,
But you can just call me, the king of all lies.

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Katrina Green
Butterfly Ministries, Inc.

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