Thursday, April 22, 2010

The cost of Ambition

When I look back over the years of old family photos of me and my children,
We may have been poor but we were happy until I caught a virus called ambition.
Things seemed simpler back then, but today I seem to fail, no matter how hard I try.
While on the road to give them a better life, somehow they got left behind.
I was fueled by the deep desire to overcome the odds stacked against me,
and the hurtful words that maliciously attacked me,
with three small children in tow, a better life came with a sense of urgency.
I wanted so desperately to prove that I was a good mother, contributing to society other than a number for another sad statistic,
although I had nothing;
raised by the system,
no man,
no education,
still, I remained optimistic.
I had to leave others behind and never look back, I made many tough decisions.
I grew strong in my faith, maintained an attitude of gratitude; and in my kids, I planted seeds of wisdom.
I wanted nothing more than to give them a better life, than the hard life that I had been given.
But nothing in life is free, success comes at a cost, accomplishing my dreams turned into an obsession.
The gap between those I love seem to grow wider the closer I get to my destination,
They don’t understand that all of this is for them, to redeem us all from the curse of generational oppression.
They don't know how many risks I've taken, how much I have sacrificed,
how much I gave, how much I prayed, and how many countless times that I compromised.
But God knows my heart, my purpose is clear, and has promised that He will stay right by my side.
Everyone will benefit from the point of it all one day,
and my ambition will be justified.

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Katrina Green
Butterfly Ministries, Inc.

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